Going home

One of the most rewarding things we do as neonatologists is see our patients go home. Our care plans each day concentrate on the steps that need to be taken toward sending a happy, healthy baby home with you. Along the way, we’ll help you understand and determine what to expect for your child’s long-term outcomes.

Criteria for discharge

It is nearly impossible to predict exactly what day any baby will be ready to go home. It takes the efforts of the entire medical team working together with the family to achieve these goals. The common criteria for deciding when a baby is ready to go home include:

  • Feeding independently
  • Maintaining body temperature
  • Breathing independently
  • Apnea resolved or controlled with medicine
  • Outpatient primary care physician identified and follow-up appointments made as needed
  • Subspecialist physicians identified and follow-up appointments made as needed
  • Discharge equipment available for home if needed
  • Parents competent with cares and ready to take baby home

Will my child grow up healthy?

The long-term outcomes for each baby are different. See our Stories of Hope about children who started their lives in the care of Minnesota Neonatal Physicians.

A neonatologist is available 24/7 for referral and case consultation