Your visit

Minnesota Neonatal Physicians wants to make your time in the NICU as easy as possible and we want to help you understand what to expect during your stay and after you go home.

You’ve probably never had a baby in the NICU before now and it’s likely you’re wondering what your experience is going to be like. We’d like to make your experience as easy as possible by providing everything you need to know about who will be taking care of your child, how you can get information about your child’s condition at any time and the various services that are offered for families of babies in the NICU.

Who’s caring for my baby?

One of our skilled neonatologists will see your baby every day. A neonatologist is a pediatric doctor with extra training and expertise in caring for ill newborns. Several neonatologists may care for your baby during his or her stay in the NICU. This type of care coverage allows the experience and knowledge of different physicians to come together for the benefit of your baby’s care. A neonatologist is on duty and present in the NICU at all times.

Patient updates

Patient updates are based on the Family-Centered Care philosophy we follow here in the NICU. Each day, your child’s neonatologist will connect with you to discuss your child’s plan of care for the day and what is needed to advance care towards discharge.  Your child’s nurses as well as multiple other specialty care providers are also readily available to discuss your child’s condition.
Helping you understand your child’s condition and treatment plan is one of the most important things we do. If at any time you have a concern and would like to discuss it with a doctor, your child’s nurse will help you get in touch with a neonatologist to discuss your concern as soon as possible.

Staying with your baby

In the NICU, each baby and family has their own room.  These private rooms are equipped with breast pumps, Wi-Fi, sleeping amenities and storage closets for your belongings. Showers and other amenities are also available close to the patient care areas. A family lounge is available as a quiet place to rest and visit with other family members.

Family services

  • Bereavement services: This program offers support, education, and referrals to families in the Minnesota Neonatal Physicians system after the death of their child. It is intended to give comfort and support to families after their loss.
  • Chaplaincy: Chaplains are available to help support the special spiritual needs of patients and families.
  • Ethics consultation: Our ethics team is available for consultation to physicians, families and other members of the health care team.
  • Interpreter services are available at all times for patients and families in the NICU.
  • Ronald McDonald House is located adjacent to our unit in Children’s Hospital. The house includes 16 private rooms with bedrooms and showers, internet, TV, full kitchen, laundry facilities, living room and lounge space with a TV, exercise facilities and an outside patio. Eligibility and usage of the rooms is determined on a nightly basis by staff.
  • Clinical social work. Our clinical social workers assist patients and families with the physical, emotional and social issues and concerns that exist during a hospitalization.
  • Support groups provide one-to-one support for many parents whose children are in the NICU and elsewhere within Children’s. The NICU Parent Circle and Preemie Play and Learn are two groups offered that pertain specifically to NICU parents.

A neonatologist is available 24/7 for referral and case consultation