Congenital CMV is an infection of a baby while it is still developing in the womb, with a common virus called CytoMegaloVirus (CMV). In most people, CMV infection does not cause any serious illness, however it can severely affect a developing baby.

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Common Questions

What can CMV do to my baby?

A congenital CMV infection can be mild or severe. It can result in your baby being small and/or having a small head. Your baby may have calcium (a mineral within our body) deposits in the brain, eye inflammation, jaundice (yellow coloring of the skin), seizures, large liver/spleen, and/or a rash. CMV can result in deafness, blindness and significant mental or physical delays.

What is the treatment for CMV?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for CMV and its effects are irreversible. Sometimes antiviral medication can be given in effort to decrease the future hearing loss associated with CMV but its effectiveness is limited. The care for an infant with congenital CMV is mostly supportive in nature.