An opening in the abdominal wall usually accompanied by protrusion of the organs, such as the bowel, stomach, or liver.

Gastroschisis original
# Cared For
2004-2013: 133
Average Stay
50.2 days
Overall Survival


  • Feeding problems
  • Infection

Criteria for discharge

  • Recovery from surgical closure of the abdomen
  • Tolerating feedings
  • Gaining weight

Common Questions

Will my baby go directly to the Operating Room after birth?

A pediatric surgeon will evaluate your newborn in the NICU after initial stabilization.  The decision of whether to go to the OR to close the abdomen or to place a silo at bedside to temporarily hold the organs will be determined at that time.  

Will my baby be able to breastfeed?

When your baby is eligible to start feedings into his or her GI tract, expressed breast milk will be the best source of nutrition to provide.  Eventually when your baby starts to feed orally, both breast and bottle are options.