Drug withdrawal symptoms a baby demonstrates after being exposed to prescribed and/or illegal drugs while in utero.

Common Questions

What kinds of symptoms can I expect in my newborn?

Symptoms are unpredictable after in-utero exposure. Some newborns show no withdrawal symptoms whereas others show serious symptoms hours to days after birth. Symptoms include but are not limited to jitteriness, frequent crying, yawning, sneezing, abnormal stools and feeding patterns, and more. Newborns are at risk for seizures when these symptoms are left untreated.

How long will my baby be in the hospital?

Infants requiring treatment for NOWS can be hospitalized for days to weeks.

What treatment is used?

All newborns with opioid withdrawal are managed with Eat, Sleep, Console methods. Depending on symptoms, some infants require treatment with short or long-acting opioids.