An abnormal growth process of the blood vessels of the retina potentially leading to visual impairment.

Common Questions

Who is at risk for ROP?

Infants born less than 1250 grams and before 31 weeks gestational age are at risk for abnormal retinal vascular development.

Are there different stages of ROP?

Yes; there are five stages ranging from mild (Stage 1) to severe (Stage 5).
Stage 1 – Mildly abnormal blood vessel growth
Stage 2 – Moderately abnormal blood vessel growth
Stage 3 – Severely abnormal blood vessel growth
Stage 4 – Partially detached retina
Stage 5 – Fully detached retina

How will my baby be screened?

Based on birth weight and gestational age, your infant will be screened at a highly specific time. Most premature infants require more than one eye exam while inpatient and many require follow-up after discharge. The routine screenings are critically important to optimize visual potential. Some screenings are performed with a special machine called a “Retcam.” A pediatric ophthalmologist will examine images and identify any concerning vascular growth as well as determine if any intervention is needed.