An abnormal connection between the trachea (windpipe) and esophagus (foodpipe) sometimes associated with incomplete development of the esophagus.

Tracheoesophageal fistula types original
# Cared For
2004-2013: 77
Average Stay
46.1 days
Overall Survival


  • Breathing problems due to oral secretions
  • Feeding problems
  • Lymphatic problems

Criteria for discharge

  • Recovery from surgical repair of fistula and esophagus connection
  • Tolerating feedings
  • Gaining weight

Common Questions

Is TEF/EA associated with any other problems?

Some anomalies are known to be associated with TEF/EA. Your baby will have a thorough evaluation of all organ systems to recognize and treat any additional concerns.

When will my baby have surgery?

A TEF/EA repair is not a surgical emergency.  Once your baby is stabilized, the pediatric surgeon will find a suitable time to schedule surgery.

What if the esophagus cannot be repaired at the time of the first surgery?

Sometimes the gap between the upper and lower parts of the esophagus is too big for the surgeon to initially connect.  In that case, the baby undergoes placement of a gastrostomy-tube (a tube that goes directly through the skin and abdominal wall into the stomach).