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Three mighty victories.

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28 weeks
2 lb. 1.5 oz., 1 lb. 15 oz., and 2 lb. 3 oz. at birth
Premature delivery, Multiple gestation
Sports, cats, horses, learning about engines
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Parents Anne and Chad were pregnant with triplets, and they had hoped they could make it to 32 weeks, but were also prepared for a worst-case scenario if they couldn’t. Knowing that MN Neonatal Physicians has a world class NICU nearby, made the choice of a delivery hospital an easy one.

“During delivery, it seemed as though an army was tending to our soon to be newborns", said Anne. “When it came time to discuss the potential implications of premature birth, our doctors presented us with the types of scenarios we might face and really calmed us, explaining where we were at, and what we may encounter in the coming weeks. Our care team was always confident in their discussions with us”, said Chad, “we couldn’t have made it without them. We owe a debt of gratitude to our babies’ preemie team and feel blessed that our three children received the kind of care that allowed them to go on to thrive and live a completely normal childhood.”

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