Family Services

Outreach, Support and Care When Families Need It Most.

Preemie Support Groups

We can help connect families to one-to-one support for parents whose children are in the NICU, and elsewhere. The Hand to Hold and Help Me Grow MN are two online resources offered that pertain specifically to NICU parents.

Minnesota Neonatal Foundation

Minnesota Neonatal Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing neonatal intensive care through a healing, empowering, and therapeutic environment.

Spiritual Support

We have staff Chaplains who are available to help support the special spiritual needs of patients and families.

Access to Clinical Social Workers

Our clinical social workers assist patients and families with the physical, emotional and social issues and concerns that can arise during a hospitalization.

Ethics Consultation

Our ethics team is available for consultation with physicians, families and other members of the health care.

Bereavement Support

Support, education, and referrals for families after the death of a child.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters are always available for patients and families in the NICU.