Your Neonatal Journey

A Time of Uncertainty, Transformed by Trust and Hope.

The neonatal journey can be a stressful time for families. Many parents confess that the preemie experience can take a toll on their relationship as they struggle to adjust to what feels like an almost surreal situation – waiting for signs of hope, no matter how small.

Each family’s journey is different, but with the help and expertise of our specialists, you will be better equipped to deal with the stress and challenges before you. While there is no way to fully predict the outcome that each baby in crisis faces, there is support to guide your family through this time so you can embrace the months and years that follow. Our staff is on hand to help with this transition.

Talk to Us

Your doctor and neonatal nurse are here for you and your family. Our neonatology program provides clinical expertise and compassionate care throughout each stage of your journey.

Honor Your Emotions

Counseling can often help you navigate the tremendous amount of emotional stress you and your family experience during this time.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Remember, you are going through a very difficult experience. It will take time to process it all. Don’t expect too much of yourself or your baby.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to lean on your family and friends in practical ways during this time. They may not always understand the kinds of emotions you are experiencing with your baby in NICU, but they usually want to help in any way they can. Let them.